Boxing Event: MK 1.1mill  Feeding: MK600k Education: MK1.2mill Building: MK10mill Sponsor

We are looking to our community to be part of the solution and help us by donating money for this cause.
Look Below for Our total budgets
We will be selling tickets and use the money generated from the ticket sales towards supporting our goals.
We are accepting Cash Donations (on the day of the event), Airtel Money 09911490211, unayo 247 standard bank transfers Eden wellness Foundation 9100005205953

We are a project under an organization called Eden Wellness. The Street kids Project was initiated by iheart Project in partnership with Eden wellness foundation. The founders of the project that did the ground
Work were Peter Kachapila and Daniel Novotny in 2019.

Our mission is to build trusting relationships, educate, feed, provide a safe
Home and family environment to enable the transformation process to be Actualized.

To be the bridge that vulnerable youth, that are willing to be transformed
Through education, shelter, health and spiritual support

We are holding a FUND RAISING EVENT! Using Boxing to attract attention to our social problem.
Those who volunteer to participate in the Boxing Matches will get a good exercise (strength), focus and discipline. Some of the participants are part of our group of street kids who train with Mr Kachapila from time to time. Others are friends and family who want to help raise money. We are looking for sponsorship in order to hold this fund raising event.

We are raising money to continue our programs and to start achieving some of our other goals. We need money to start building a Rehab Centre on our Land in malingunde, Lilongwe.

The Rehab Centre will be a place where we will be able to preach the word of God and do daily activities with the street kids who no longer want to be on the streets. This center will be an aid for them to be transitioned from living in the streets to either rejoin their families, other organizations that keep vulnerable youth or other families who could welcome them into their homes.

We are raising money to aid in education of former street kids that have already transitioned and have been transformed using the word of God. Some are in primary, secondary school and some are in tertiary education.
We are raising Money for our Saturday feeding program. We hold a weekly worship session at our centre in lizulu market in Lilongwe. In order to build a relationship we serve lunch after the service. We are also accepting donations of Food, soap and children’s stationary for this program because we sometimes have play education to encourage the younger children to go back to school.