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  • If you want to be one of the artists displaying your work at the coming Art-in-the-Park on Friday 5th – 7th May, you must send photos of 3 of the pieces that you may display at this AITP. Also, you must send your biography (on WhatsApp or Word, not on PDF). Send the photos and biography at any time from now until end of 24th February to +265 999 140834. Your submission will be acknowledged.


  • High standard: At the last Art-in-the-Park, we took measures to raise the standard of the art displayed, so that visitors to the coming AITP would be pleased and want to buy more of the art on display. That approach was successful. So, for this coming AITP in May, again a group of judges will review the submissions from each artist. The judges will select only those of high enough standard. Note that the judges expect a higher standard than the last AITP. So be aware the competition is getting steeper and some artists may not be successful for this AITP.


  • We will consider those who are original, not copying from your fellow artists neither those who copy on internet. Prove that you have your own style.


  • You will be told whether you have been selected by 10th March. Any unsuccessful artist, if she or he wishes, can request some feedback so that improvements may be made before the next AITP.


  • The following rules apply to only those artists that are selected for the May AITP:




  • After confirmation that you are taking part in the event (by 10th March) you should start preparing artworks for the event. A minimum of 6 artworks and a maximum of 10 artworks shall be allowed at the event itself. The artworks should not be taller that our display boards (not taller than 1.2 meters). Also take note that miniatures are not allowed in this event (miniatures are works less than A4 in size).

  • All 10 artworks to be displayed must be new, not works that you did not sell at the last AITP.

  • Ideally, 2 or 3 of the artworks should be related in some way (you choose) to the May 2023 theme: .

  • By end of 14th April, you must provide a list of all works that are to be exhibited, with title, size, medium and price (photos ideally). Send these to 265 999 140834 or to +265 999 933722. Receipt will be acknowledged.

  • Works shall be delivered to Four Seasons Nursery Gardens from 12:00 noon between Thursday the 4th of May and before noon on Friday the 5th of May. No works shall be accepted into the show after 12:00 noon on Friday the 5th May.

  • Every Artist shall be responsible for hanging and caring of his/her works throughout the open times of the event, from 4pm through 9pm on the Friday, 10am through 9pm on the Saturday and 10am through 4pm on the Sunday. In cases where the artist is not available, he/she shall be required to leave an assistant who can be responsible on the artist’s behalf.

  • The hosts and organizers shall not provide Transport, Food, Lodging or any other allowances to artists. Therefore, all artists are required to be well prepared thereof.


  • Registration fee is per artist

  • Please take note that only those that have been confirmed on registration by the selection judges will be liable to pay their fee. Registration fees must be paid toor by end of 14th April,2023.

  • Also take note that late payments (after 14th April) can be still received but late payments must be, not , and must be received by the end of 28th April. Otherwise, the artist will be not be allowed to display. 

  • Entry to the Exhibition premises during the event is free to registered artists and their assistant only. Any other person accompanying the artists shall have to pay an entry fee of . In this case the Artist and his/her assistant shall be given two free entry wrist bands.





  • Alcohol abuse and misbehaving by any artist shall put him/her into an exclusion from this and future events.

  • Artists must keep their display space neat and tidy throughout the event.

  • Covid 19 precautions: Wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory, but you can do so if you wish.

  • Please make sure you send proof of payment to 0994 437746 or 0886 785116 as soon as you have paid. Receipt will be acknowledged.







  • The organizers of Art in the Park, WESM and Four Seasons, will be holding a first-ever Craft in the Park (CITP) event on the weekend of 3rd and 4th June this year, a month after AITP. CITP will be a showcase for the best of Malawi’s crafts.

  • CITP will be different from AITP because it will include crafts only, for example painters and photographers would not be included. Also, some of the exhibiters will be craft-selling businesses rather than the artisans that they employ to make the crafts. CITP will be like a trade show, but with selling to visitors included.

  • Also, CITP will be different from the monthly Lilongwe Farmers Market as we will be selecting who can display crafts at the event.

  • Note that artists that make crafts who have applied to take part in AITP – like wood carvers, sculptors and textile artists – may also apply for displaying their work at CITP. But note that AITP and CITP will be different in a number of ways.

  • Please contact CITP on +265 888 286 933 if more information is required.

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