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Interested in growing and learning about Bonsai, the art of miniature trees?.

The Four Seasons Bonsai Club will soon begin meeting monthly in Lilongwe Four Seasons Centre, open to all levels of experience,

Join the WhatsApp group for updates:

What is the Four Seasons Bonsai Club?
A friendly group based in Lilongwe that comes together to grow, learn, and share ideas about bonsai, the art of growing miniature trees.

Who can join?
Anyone! We welcome all levels of bonsai experience, from beginners to experts.

When do we meet?
At 10am on the second Saturday of every month.

Where do we meet?
We meet at the Four Seasons Nursery on Presidential Way in Lilongwe. We’ll communicate the exact location of sessions on this WhatsApp group.

How much does it cost?
Each monthly session you attend costs K8,000 – or K2,000 with an annual membership of K20,000. All materials (e.g. potting mixture, stones, plants, pots, etc) cost extra and are charged separately.


What if I can’t afford the membership fee?
If you’re interested in a membership discount or waiver (or sponsoring one), please message us on WhatsApp.

What do the sessions consist of?
Expert guidance and advice from the Four Seasons Nursery team, presentations from members or invited guests, bonsai book swaps, Q&A sessions, technique demonstrations and workshops, and opportunities to start or work on your own bonsai while sharing tips and ideas with other members. Also the opportunity to purchase bonsai from the complete Four Seasons Nursery collection (not just what’s on offer at the shop). The chance to meet other bonsai enthusiasts and share ideas!

Where can I receive updates about the club?
On the Four Seasons Bonsai Club announcements group on WhatsApp.

Is there a forum to discuss all things bonsai in Malawi?
You can join the conversation on the Malawi Bonsai Discussion group on WhatsApp.

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